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The Crew is a folk/trad band from Ontario. Made up of multi-instrumentalists, this brother-sister group writes and performs songs full of heart and rhythm, the kind you can’t sit still to. They braid flavours of the east coast, power-house vocals, and a pulsing folk drive to make their exciting signature Crew sound.

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Devan is by far the oldest sibling. With her many many years of wisdom, she is the Momma of the group. Wait, maybe she is our mom? No, sorry, right - she’s just the oldest sibling. Devan adds a healthy heaping of talent to the Crew with her voice like a celtic angel and wicked fiddle fingers.


This is Mike. Also known as Big Mike, Dirty Mike, or Big Dirty Mike. He’s a natural song bird and writes music like it’s his day job, even though it’s not his day job. Which is concerning for his actual day job. He shreds the keys, and might even sing a little. Who’s to say. He’s the mysterious one.

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Paige is the lead tambourine player. She also sings a time or two, but is definitely more known for her tambourine playing. She’s a songstress and story teller, mostly because she’s the loudest. Getting microphone time is really just survival of the fittest.


Matt, what doesn’t he do?! Cook anything aside from KD.
Matt is everything beefy about the Crew. He holds down the rhythm, the bass line, and guitar fill. In short, he’s everything that intrinsically makes you bop your head along. Matt ‘the bopper’ Ballagh, we call him. (Well, just on here).

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